I did the program “The body you deserve” by Tony Robbins!!

OK, here’s a little of what I’ve learned.

Here’s a very essential and important lesson which I learned in “The body you deserve” program: reference experiences are a game changer. Take beliefs (“I am not an achiever” , “I have tried so much already” , I cannot stand to be hungry”for example were a few of mine). A belief is like a table. And the legs of the table are reference experiences. Lots of past experiences when I for example did not follow through on my goals, quit when things got tough, caved for that sugar waffle at the bakery even though I had promised myself I wouldn’t… all those and thousands more hold up the table which is a belief that doesn’t serve me. It’s bullshit and let’s get rid of it. Anyway, two of the ways in which we can get new ‘legs’ under that belief-table are explained underneath.

I had to make a list of what I did in the times (and we have all had them) when I could do it. When it worked and I was rolling, what did I do at the time?

So I went ahead and made the list.

Here comes:

  • I prepared larges platters of beautiful veggies with 1 sandwich in small pieces, that gave me a feeling of eating a lot (important thing for me) and I had to eat away for quite a while, so it kind of did the trick. By the way nowadays I call them “Instagrammable meals” 😉
  • I went to bed slightly hungry – I always loved the feeling of touching my stomach in the morning after i’d done that! It felt flatter…
  • Drink a lot of water (hey, I never said that I would tell anything ground breaking here)
  • Soups and salads
  • Cut 1 apple in super thin slices (again, looks like a lot) and maybe even put a little cinnamon on top. If you combine that with a large pot of tea… almost like a sweet treat thing
  • At dinner time, a plate filled with ¾ parts veggies
  • Whenever I start to measure the oil I put in food with tea spoons, I know it’s kicking in

Another assignment was to imitate people in my surroundings who have already succesfully done it. So again I digged in my head and came up with my list:

My mother always struggled with her weight. Until she stopped eating carbs at night and leaves 4 to 6 hours between meals. Since 7 years now, she’s the skinny lady she always wanted to be.

My best friend Nicky, she counts calories when nececssary and kind of kicks out carbs for a while, I always admired her for balancing herself within the day: large lunch? Tiny dinner then…

My sister is a freak, but hey she’s the exact same build as I am and she has reached that weight goal by: strictly limiting her calories and carbs, lots of exercise and what I love about her: Cheat days – but real ones right, no sissy stuff (i’ll share a picture of her cheat day breakfast, no joking there!)

Obviously, already even becoming aware of the strategies that have worked with me in the past make me more aware of the power I have to actually change. There’s no way I cannot do it again right? And by copy-catting the people around me, I don’t need to be a genius to get some of their envy-invoking results for myself!

I think they are worthwhile trying, so please copy me and do the exercises as well!

I’ll write about my limiting beliefs and how I went about to turn them around into an actual list of beliefs that support and lift me up every day.

For now, take care and believe in yourself! You are gorgeous and precious!

Bye, Anna